Artist Statement

My work exists in a paradox between past and present representations of human achievement. Architecture, steel (the industrial backbone of any economy),  cars/trains/planes what I refer to as our "mobilization" are all imagery I reference in my work depicting those achievements. For us to progress, technology must advance and give way to the latest greatest trend. This progression has both positive and negative effects on our society which is what I aim to record through my work.

Making art is a therapeutic process for me and I have found that creating artwork for world to enjoy is my true passion. My work has become very unique as I am mainly self taught and have created some of the processes and methods to obtain my desired end results. I enjoy working in many mediums but most of my work is created with ink at some point in the process. Ink is a centuries old product used to pass on information to younger generations or across borders. I want to continue that mentality in a world where the written word is becoming a distant memory.



all images and artwork copyright Zach Eberly 2017